3 Most Expensive Drones:

It has been past several months that we have seen huge popularity of drones. It has led to release of several different designs of these drones by the companies in order to ensure that they stand out the market.

The most popular among these are the camera drones while the remote controlled drones have been found to be among the top priorities of the professionals. In this piece of writing we will be talking about the most expensive drones around.

DJI Inspire 2: This drone with Zenmuse X5S is an improved version of all the features that have been offered in the Inspire 1. It has been equipped with an updated and new processing system of images along with the records that reach up to 5.2k in Cinema DNG RAW.

The drone is known to record videos up to 4k resolution with a rate of 100Mbps Moreover it is capable of streaming the video at 1080i50 / 720p60.

It supports the control over 4G as well as 4G LTE network connection, remote controlled GPS accessory as well as ground filming. It can be bought in 3,059 pounds.

Yuneec Tornado H920: It is a hexacopter which has been equipped with a multi rotor aerial videography as well as photography. It is this that makes it pretty much easier for the users who want to catch impressive pictures and the high quality video footages.

It has been designed to be capable of being compatible with two camera options. One of these is Yuneec's CGO4 gimbal camera while the other one Panasonic GH4. Also it has features like 3x optical zoom lens, a 4k resolution video, 16 megapixel photos and a distortion free picture quality. It can be bought in 3449 pounds.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro Quadcopter: This drone is perfecto for all those who want to have a drone that comes with all the modification features in the expansion bay. It has been well fitted with a controller, shell, and a battery that is high in quality and matte black in color.

Key features of this device include ready to fly aerial system which is claimed to be there for high end film making. Then there is a follow me feature that allows the users to track their mobile devices with the help of an HDMI output via transmitter. It can be bought in 3355.71 pounds.

You will be amused with all these drones at their best in every manner.  

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